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Translation, Interpreting, Editing (1) 


Translation and interpreting services
(English ↔ Russian, English ↔ Ukrainian, German ↔ Russian)

You know how to design a document or to create a speech, which influences minds and changes the future. We will help you to communicate your thoughts and ideas internationally.

Our services range from simple document translation to interpreting at business meetings and delivering sets of ready-to-use conference folders and documents.

We offer a fast turnaround time and high quality at a reasonable price.

Your translations can be delivered to you in a variety of ways: by e-mail, on disc, on USB flash drive, by fax or as hard copy via regular mail or courier. Should you prefer a hard copy of a large document, we will gladly bind it for your convenience and make xerox or computer copies at your request. Just let us know your preferences and we will be happy to meet your requirements.

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