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Intercultural Training (2) 


Intercultural business training session on Germany

Target group: Business people and professionals who already work or are interested in establishing cooperation with German business partners.

Objectives: To enhance communication and negotiation skills, to understand cultural values of German partners, to become acquainted with business etiquette and protocol in Germany.

Format: For those who already have general intercultural communication training we offer a single interactive training session (total: 8 hours). For those who are just starting to get familiar with the field, we offer a double interactive session (two days / 16 hours), which consists of general intercultural and communication skills training and intercultural training on Germany. Multiple training sessions are an option for those who would like to receive our support and advice for a period of time, i.e. in international project work or long-term collaboration with foreign partners, etc.

Working languages: English, German, Russian.

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